Friday, August 5, 2011

One Last Release for Backlog Week! Pennywise Sculpted Stable!

While I was on vacation I set a goal for my return. All week long, Monday through Friday, I would release one item from my backlog a day.

 On Monday I updated my cow spot tattoo layer with a tintable version I'd had in my inventory for months.

 Tuesday was a double! The first two shapes in my "Vitruvian Shapes" line! Athletic Male and Athletic Female!

When Wednesday rolled around I released a new outfit titled "Cowprint & Straps", a cowprint shirt with matching arm and leggings and a set of prim chest straps.

 Thursday brought another double, the next two "Vitruvian Shapes", Heroic Male and Amazon.

 And today I wrap up Backlog Week with the Pennywise Sculpted Stable!

This 23 prim prefab comes fully decked out with a water trough, some hay sculpts and a pitchfork! Without the extras, the stable itself is only 13 prims, 12 if you remove the floor and just use the ground.

 Like almost everything this week, this is something I'd had done or mostly done for ages now. I used it in both the Island of Milk&Cream and my own private home.

For the one at my home I removed the floor and re-textured the hay bales to match the hay ground texture.
 Now, I primarily cater to realistically sized avatars, so the stables come in 1=1 scale, with a ceiling far too low for your typical SL avatar with LL's awful camera placement. But, I also included a modified version with the ceiling raised to 3.5m, which is good for most SL avatars using default camera settings and the whole thing is also moddable so you can make it larger pretty easily. Using the stretch tool alone you can get the build large enough that the ceiling is nearly 4m high, which is plenty for anyone.

 At only L$200 it won't put a huge dent in your wallet, either!

 And so concludes Backlog Week! I don't plan on doing any releases over the weekend but I've still got a lot of unreleased stuff so I might try and aim for a "one new item a week" goal from here on out. No promises, but if nothing comes up offline I don't see why I couldn't manage that.

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