Thursday, August 4, 2011

Vitruvian Shapes - The Hero and the Amazon

 I really hadn't intended to do another shapes release so soon, but when the muse climbs in your window and threatens you with a knife you get to work!

 As promised, this second set is for all the muscle men and women out there. "Heroic Male" is that guy so many in SL seem to want to be. Over 6' tall, broad shouldered, barrel chested, throbbing pythons of steel. A shape for a super hero or a mythical warrior.

The man your man could smell like.
 So many SL men fall tragically short of this in their attempts. Most of the "muscular man" shapes I've seen have been 8' or taller, with maxed out muscle and shoulder sliders. Guys, that does not look "badass", it looks...pretty hilariously bad. Especially when combined with the stubby short arms, the wasp waists and the stork-like legs that are so common in SL.

 Seriously, not heroic looking and certainly not attractive in the slightest.

 Of course, being that it is SL, this 6'3" adonis is a midget compared to most SL men. Due to SL's well documented scale issues most SL men are at least 7' tall, with many pushing 8-9' tall. So, like the rest of the Vitruvian Shapes line, this is for people trying to break that mold.  An option for those who are trying to scale down, but still want to look like a super hero.

 Paired with this release is the "Amazon".

I can't get the phrase "death by snu snu" out of my head for some reason.
  I'm pretty happy with how Amazon turned out, except that the arms are a teensy bit too short. Still within acceptable limits but for a muscled amazon warrior I would prefer to emphasize the arms a bit more or at least have them "average" instead of on the short side. Unfortunately, Linden Lab skewed womens' arms shorter than mens' in the appearance editor.Once you push 6' and taller it becomes more and more difficult to have properly sized arms.

 Still, being SL, the arms on this shape are still way longer than the average SL avatar, which tends to look like a thalidomide victim.

 Another side note about Amazon. I originally had a shape all set to clean up and use for this, from an old avatar I'd made ages ago for RPing a space marine at Doomed Ship. When I dug it out of my inventory it was so bad I had to abandon it completely and start over. I may go back and redo that avatar with this shape and skin.

 I still have three or four women shapes that only need a little bit of proportion checking and cleaning up to be ready for the line, but only one male shape more or less ready to go. The male shape is for the "average Joe" look. Beyond that I still plan to go right down the line with shapes covering all the popular body types.

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  1. Hi Penny! I'm using the Amazon shape as a base for my own avvie, and I've found that aside from shrinking the breast size down and pushing them in to 'hide' behind my prim breasts, it works really well. I DID have to expand the butt a little bit, again to get some balance with the implants.

    The next trick will be to change them over time as my Allpa pregnancy progresses. I'm using their size spreadsheet to calculate how best to change the belly and waist sizes.

    Have you ever considered releasing a Pregnancy (normal, 9 month progression, and postnatal) series of shapes for your female Vitruvians? If not, and you have the time/inclination, it'd be wonderful if you did.