Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Vitruvian Shapes Update

Update - As of this morning (8/4/11) LL has unblocked the listing. No apologies or anything but it is back up. Found it funny that they didn't unlock it but leave it unlisted for me to correct the issue, they just tossed it right back out in the Marketplace.

Linden Lab has removed the listing for my "Athletic Female" shape. My fault, I forgot that the Marketplace Guidelines are inconsistent with the in-world guidelines for rating. I set the listing as "Moderate", which is what it would be in SL itself, but on the Marketplace it requires an "Adult" rating.

This requires an "Adult" rating due to the woman's nipples. Vitruvian Man's penis is family friendly "General" material.
Normally I'd find this mildly annoying, however Linden Lab has gone that extra step to make it a memorable occasion.

 I am unable to edit and re-list the shape.

 That's right! It's completely locked! There appears to be no way for me to edit the listing and get it back in the Marketplace.

 Even better! I discovered the issue when I went to list a new item that I had just spent several hours wrestling with a perms glitch to prepare for release, so I already had only the fondest feelings for everyone's favourite virtual world company.

 One person suggested I delete the item from my Magic Box and add the shape again, which would in all likelihood work, but the idea that I'd have to do that is just so unbearably stupid. Never one to do things the easy way I've filed a trouble ticket with LL instead.

 To say I'm not happy would be an understatement.

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