Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Cowprint & Straps

I actually did manage to get this up into my in-world shops and listed on the Marketplace  before midnight, keeping with my "1 new item a day" goal for this week, but after listing it on the Marketplace I was sidetracked by Linden Lab's special brand of stupidity.

 Anyways, Wednesday's shop update was this Cowprint & Straps outfit that I've had practically finished in my inventory for over a year now. The collar, straps and shoes for this outfit were one of my very first attempts at making sculpts in Maya.

The shoes were originally made for a pair of boots for an outfit I never finished.
I think it holds up well and I've been getting a lot of requests for more cowprint clothing and accessories, so hopefully people will enjoy this new addition!

 On a side note, the vendor art for this is also a sneak peak at an upcoming addition to my Vitruvian Shapes line.

1 comment:

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