Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Mea Culpa! - Forest Path Lamp

 Last year I wrote a post about being efficient with prims. I used Dodie Snowbear's gorgeous forest path lamp as an example of a beautiful decorative piece that looked great, but was too many prims.

 I was mistaken. I had never seen the lamp myself, the Marketplace listing did not say how many prims the lamp was, the number of prims I stated it being was from incorrect information provided to me by another source. I am very embarrassed to say this information was incorrect and it is entirely my fault that I failed to check it myself.

 Today I received a very gracious e-mail from someone who works with Dodie, pointing out that the lamp was only three prims, not the eight I mistakenly stated it was. Only one more prim than the lamp I made by looking at the screenshots, and that extra prim was used to make the lantern piece look far nicer than it does in my version.

 At only L$100 there was absolutely no excuse for me not to buy a copy, considering I copied the look for my personal use and then decided to hold it up as an example in my article about efficiency. That was absolutely unfair of me and I apologize to Dodie Snowbear and any readers who decided not to purchase this wonderful lamp due to my incorrect information.

 Again, it is a gorgeous lamp in only 3 prims, very much well worth the purchase!