Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Vitruvian Shapes - Man and Woman

 This week I have a special addition to the Vitruvian Shapes line. Man and Woman.

 These shapes are the defining proportions for western men and women. Where I pushed more idealistic views of the male and female form, here I am presenting the average western adult bodies. If you want to see how the average man and woman stack up against the average SL avatar I am making it exceptionally easy, both shapes are being released free and full perm.

But don't think for an instant that these are your typical freebies. I put every bit as much effort into these two shapes as the previous entries to the Vitruvian Shape line. All of the rigorous measurements and proportion checking to ensure they're among the best shapes in SL.

 While I participate in the shape market due to the amount of work and effort it takes to make a truly good shape, I find it downright absurd that Linden Lab does not provide basic human shapes for those starting out in the virtual world. The appearance editor itself is overwhelming enough to make shape making difficult that starting users off with bad shapes just assured that poor proportions and bad scale would become the norm in Second Life, which causes no end of problems for content creation and is just one issue contributing to SL's reputation for extremely poor graphics.

 That is why I am also attempting to donate these shapes to the Second Life Library and encouraging SL to make use of these shapes, or any shapes made with proper scale and proportions, in their starter avatars and default shapes.

 These shapes are currently available on the SL Marketplace and my own in-world shops.



  1. These are awesome, all starter avatars should be like this.
    I will put these out as freebies at the teleport area in 1920s Berlin.

    I got one myself as well and now am trying to get my old look fitting with these scales.
    Mind you, it is a bit tricky because these bodies are 5'5 and I am 6ft, I wonder what happens if I change my height, what other parts of my avatar will also have to be changed to keep the scale correct.

  2. Hi,

    I've actually snatched a copy of those two shapes just to take a look at, and they're quite well done. Definitely something to point new SL users at.

    Also, I've made a little texture that will help you to optimize your own shape, should you want to try and have a go at it, yourself. You can pick it up at if you're curious, or IM me ingame if you want to save the $L10 upload fee. :P

    Allester McCaw

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