Saturday, March 16, 2013

Recent Profile Pictures

Just because, a couple of my recent profile pictures. Both taken at Milk & Cream using my "Fantasy Overworld" windlight settings.

Both apparently taken in the ancient ruins area, too.

Speaking of my windlight settings, good news for Firestorm users. I recently spoke with one of the devs and they agreed to include my day cycle as one of the viewer's presets. It doesn't appear to have been added yet, but should be there in the next release I imagine.

My settings are already included with Nirans viewer and I've offered the settings to a couple other TPVs as well.

I'm still trying to convince other TPVs to adopt my camera settings, preferably as a new default but at least as an included preset, but so far only Nirans has added similar settings. I offer these settings for everyone to use, so if you'd like your favourite TPV to include them so you don't have to manually set them up every install, be sure to let the developers know!


  1. Penny, one of the very few things I liked about Blue Mars was there were 6 camera presets that could be set with the scroll wheel, and as you got closer to the avatar the camera dropped closer to eye level. What would really be nice is for a third party viewer to implement something like this as a check box where you could choose to use a series of presets or not, similar to how Firestorm has done with the camera controls for pictures and environments.

  2. I can't seem to find it in the latest release, possibly just an oversight, they forgot it or something, but maybe it's there and I don't know what name it would be under?