Monday, July 29, 2019

Tips for a Larger, More Detailed and Less Expensive Second Life!

Sadly the sim is gone, but this entire city fit into 1/4th of a sim. Including the trees and hills in the distance. All of the buildings are 1=1 scale instead of 2-3 times larger like most people in SL build. When you build smaller, the amount of space you have to work with is larger!

  • Larger mesh objects use both more space and more Land Impact. If you pay $300/mo for a sim but you scale everything up way too big (which most people do) you're essentially throwing away $225 every month because if you scaled everything down closer to 1=1 you'd be able to fit 4x more content in your sim.
  • Size is relative. If you make your avatar larger, everything around you appears to shrink. Make your avatar smaller and everything around you appears larger.
  • Animations can work with small size differences, but not large size differences. Take a dozen average adults and you'll get less than a foot difference in height compared to SL where the average adult human avatar is anywhere from 5' to 8' tall. This is why your animations & furniture rarely work well.
A bunch of furniture at typical SL sizes. My 5'7"(6' in those shoes) avatar for scale.
The same furniture reduced to 1=1 scale. The prim floor is to show how much space is saved.

Here's a more detailed article about scale in SL if you want to read more.

Happy SLing!


  1. what is 1-1 ratio tho and how do you achieve it?

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