Sunday, April 16, 2017

Second Life vs. World of Warcraft

A picture is worth a thousand words. Here is a height comparison of the various WoW races, with a typical, maxed out SL avatar superimposed into it. The SL avatar is in scale to the WoW characters.

Actually, after I made this, I realized that the Aesthetic, I believe, uses deformer tricks to be larger, so it would probably actually be over 9' tall with the height maxed out.

The odd things is, more and more women avatars in SL are actually human sized, and it's pretty common to see SL women who are about 5' to 5'10", wearing 6" heels so they don't look quite so short. Not all of them, of course, but definitely a lot of them. More and more as time goes on. So I've added an example of such an avatar as well.


  1. I have the Aesthetic avatar as well (not for regular use :D ) and im more than sure its does not using any deformer. its just does not works with shorter shapes as how it is, if you try get it down to normal size its looks like a gnome because cant really make it thinner :D

  2. One of these days I might nab one of those Aesthetic avatars to play around with and see for myself. Mesh avatars can definitely be that way but I'd imagine the issue would be more that one would look like an excessively muscled body builder rather than a gnome.

    Are you adjusting only the height, or are you correcting all of the proportions after shrinking down? ie: arm/leg length, neck length, torso length, pelvis length, etcetera. Most people believe the height slider is a scale slider, but it's not. When adjusting height by even a few inches you have to practically redo the entire shape to keep it all proportionate.

    1. Im not only adjusting the height alone, even when i help other people with height adjust i always explain them only pulling down the height slider alone wont help. Also as far as i checked the Aesthetic works fine between 190 and 220cm. under 190 for me its looked kinda weird, ive tried to get it into my RL height which is 175 but thats didnt worked well :D it wasnt really gnome (of course with shorter shape its looks gnome :D) looking but kinda too bulgy with thin joints. Wasnt experimenting with it for too much though maybe its could be better down around 175 cm.

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